Sell Software and Make Money

Never underestimate the power of software applications. You are using dozens of them on your desktop yourself. A good software could make you rich… very rich. Ever heard of Bill Gates? Steve Jobs?

Selling software is one of the most emphatic routes to make good money on the Internet.

People who use computers are always trying to make their jobs easier or to add more quality to their jobs. That is the reason they are looking for good software all the time. With broadband Internet, it has become so amazingly easy to provide software in downloadable formats. You promote a link from where people can download a software and allow them to access it when they make payment. They will pay and you give them the link to download the software.

Many marketers tease people by giving them demo versions of the software for free.

This allows the downloaders to understand the quality of the product before they decide to spend good money on it. These demo versions generally have some features locked or they are timed demos which expire after an hour’s worth of usage or so. When that happens, people are prompted to buy the product to make use of it limitlessly.

So, what must this software be like?

People on the Internet like each and every kind of software. Or let us put that in another way – each and every type of software on the Internet will find takers. There is a niche for everything on the Internet. So, if you have made a software application that will help Grandma remember her recipes or made a software that will help a businessman with his end-of-the-year accounting, you are going to find people who will be willing to download that and check it out. The success lies in the promotion.

For promotion, you can use more of the same methods that you have been using all along. If your software becomes prominent, especially in places where your niche market usually visits, you could be assured of a healthy flow of downloaders. At the same time, you must remember that there is no lifespan for this. There will always be downloaders, provided you promote well and keep upgrading your software, which means, you can keep generating a flow of passive income through this.

You do not need to have your own software application either.

You could buy the resell rights of software and sell it. There are several creative people on the Internet who like building software but do not like the marketing aspect of it. These people give away the software they have developed for a price. You can modify these software applications to an extent and in some cases, you can rebrand them too. Of course, you sell them at a much higher and enduring price than you bought it for.

You could just search for ‘software resell rights’ on Google to find a host of such sites.

As examples I found these very quickly, though I have not checked the sites myself.  What do you think?

Indigital Works

Free PLR Downloads


Sheild Apps

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