Feeling tired?

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I am! I think it is the travelling and the long term effects of Covid.

Though there is so much more I want to achieve!

I was fortunate enough to find this quote from Daily Motivation.

Be happy!!!

“Don’t ever let yourself believe that you’re running out of strength. 

Whenever you feel your life is spiralling out of control, take a step back and breathe.

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Be aware of what you do have and what’s going well in your life. Take some time off to let the negative emotions run their course.

Then slowly incorporate positive thinking activities into your daily life, such as practicing affirmations, reframing a situation, and gratitude journaling.

If you release self-defeating thoughts and let the dark clouds of negativity dissipate, you will realize that you can find hope and strength within.”


Writing and thinking

I love writing!

I am working on the third Fairy Hanny story and my first detective novel featuring Inspector Flaange. I also have some Maths and English books that I am editing, and an outline of a book on Motivation.

I get an email every day with a Daily Motivation. So I will share this one;

You are blessed in so many ways. Live your life with gratitude. Notice the little wins every day. There are so many good things you have already received.

So many things go right in a day.

Savour the good. 

Don’t let the good moments pass without celebration.

Spend some time cherishing them and hold on to positive emotions a little longer. Appreciate the hard work you have put into the things you have achieved until now.

Savour the sensation of being grateful. Learning to notice and enjoy what’s around you makes it easier to snap yourself out of negative thoughts. 


Are Spontaneous Decisions Always Bad?

Final thoughts on decision making.

When faced with decisions, you want to have the best information possible. Some people spend too much time trying to find as much information as they can, and they miss opportunities because of it. Information is a key component in decision making. However, sometimes, you simply must decide and live with the decision without any information.

You do not want others to view you as someone who makes rash decisions. You will lose credibility when you do this, and people will not take you seriously. However, you must prepare yourself for certain times where being decisive is necessary. For instance, you may be registering for classes at your college and discover that a few of the courses you were hoping to take are full. You are given other choices but are unsure of how that will fit into your overall plan. Do you enrol in those alternative classes?

You may decide to go for the classes. If they are part of your curriculum, you can always rework your plan so that they fit in. Talk to your academic advisor and ask how to proceed after taking this new path. Of course, you could always drop the classes if they do not fit well.

The point is if a decision does not work out the wrong results can usually be fixed. Do not be afraid to take the plunge. The shoe company Nike has a slogan that has worked for them for several decades now. That slogan is ‘Just Do It!’

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A structured living doesn’t fit well with some people. They need the excitement that comes with making spontaneous decisions. Who is to say that their way is wrong? It may not work for others, but for them, it works quite well. You may know people who are like this and are envious of them.

That is not the same scenario as people who do not do much with their lives. Spontaneous decision makers are often doing many activities. You can decide to do nothing, but you will not get far. Unless you are lucky enough to come from money and your parents are willing to give you that money, you will need to find something to do.

Most people will find a balance of decisions they make based on information and spontaneous decisions. The process of decision making becomes easier the more you do it. Therefore, when you need to make spontaneous decisions, it will not be as difficult after a while.


How to Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Help in making decisions.
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Data bombards you. We have more data than we ever did due to the internet and storage technologies such as the cloud. It is great to slice the data in many directions you can think of and create nice-looking reports that impress your managers. However, when it comes to decision making, you must get to the point of making the decision. You will need to stop your data gathering and analysis and use what you must decide.

Computers give you the ability to divide your data in a way that makes sense for you or your company. But some people will spend hours deriving report after report, and none of them will get them any further in coming to a decision. They believe they need to see ten years of data instead of five. They need to see the impact of sales on each region, even though they are responsible only for one or two.

Data is a key component in the decision-making process. It can let you know who your customers are, how much they have bought, and it can even tell you who your customers are not. Information is also important to make confident decisions. Without the information, you could be shooting in the dark, and that is as bad as having too much information.

To help you overcome the situation of analysis paralysis or paralysis by analysis as many will refer to it, speak to your boss or the people who are going to be impacted by the data and your decisions. Ask them what they need from the data, and structure the reports around that information. Do not include any other data in the report. If you cannot defend the position based on the data they asked for, it does not belong in the report.

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Do not be a hero when it comes to analysis. You may be tempted to show a different level of data to that required as it may show better insight. But, if it is not within the scope of your decision, save it for future analysis. It is okay to let managers know that further analysis is possible. They may even extend the deadline and the scope of the project due to this extra information. What is more likely to happen, however, is they will increase the scope while keeping the deadline the same. You have just given yourself more work to do by letting them know about this extra data.


Decision Trees Can Help You Make Decisions

I have always found it easy to make decisions. Sometimes I look back and wish I had made a different decision…

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Decision trees are tools used by people to help them make confident decisions. It helps them layout several alternatives in a tree-like format. They can see most, if not all, the decisions available and can even set a rating on each choice.

The concept of a decision tree is an extension of a mind map. A mind map lets you create ideas and connections to those ideas. The decision tree is much like this concept except for a decision tree there is a score added to the branches of the tree. These scores often represent probabilities. If you have three choices, you may assign two branches with 40% probabilities, and the third branch would receive a 20% probability. The total of the branches should add up to 100%. However, it is your decision tree, so you are free to use whatever allocations you like if any. If your system makes sense to you, then it is correct.

Some project managers use decision trees to determine the costs of projects. When they assign probabilities to branches, they’ll multiply the total budget by that probability. For instance, if a branch has a probability of 35% and the total budget is $100,000, the branch will be estimated to cost $35,000 (35% x 100,000).

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Decision trees don’t have to be this intricate to be useful. You can use them to list out the alternatives for a decision and end your efforts there. You can also choose to update the percentage of completion for the path that you select. Again, there are no right answers when using a decision tree for your purposes.

When others rely on your decision tree, and you are formally calling it a decision tree, you may need to follow the protocol of assigning probabilities and figuring out the percentage cost. However, if the group agrees to other conventions, then again, that is the right answer for the group. A decision tree is simply a way to convey information to yourself or a team, etc.

Decision trees will have a certain amount of subjectivity associated with them. In most cases, coming up with probabilities is quite subjective. It’s only through experience that you’ll be able to refine the probabilities. If the project you are working on is a one-time deal, you won’t get the benefit of refining those probabilities and will have to start over with a new set of subjective probabilities on the next project. However, some branches may carry over to the new project, and you’ll have a better feel for what to assign to those.


Another extract

One of the joys of writing a book is that you have in effect created a whole series of blogposts! Here is another extract from my latest book.

The original, which introduced the delightful Fairy Hanny, is also available on Amazon.


“So, as we sip our cold beers, brewed to perfection in silly Suffolk, our eyes are cast upon this beautiful woodland glade.  

(Don´t worry about the cast in your eye, you´ll grow out of it. Well, that’s what the doctor said to me.)

At this very moment, in what we choose to call Time, we find ourselves watching a scene unfolding, not too far from the Magical City of Setebos, the seat of the Fairy Kings, where King Innocent the Foetid is the centre of all wisdom, on a planet largely devoid of common sense. It is also devoid of incense, ten cents and senescence.



City of expiring dreams and chocolate covered ice creams! Where poets die and crooner’s cry! Though it’s not unusual and you don’t have to be rich! A place for doves to cry and spies to spy! Where watching birds can catch your eye! A city for tourists and two men with four wrists! Where boozers booze and cruisers cruise! Where the Fairies are light and airy, and nothing is dreary! And if you want to go home just find a Gnome! If things get too tricksy just find a Pixy! Where Bigfoot sits Leery whilst eating a canary!

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

Was it a yellowy canary or just a parrot looking scary?

Cities all over the Multiverse and Yorkshire have their concentrations of rogues and villains and scum and scavengers and Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, and Thugs and Yobs and Yahoos and Bullingdon Bores and Lying Bigots dressed in Blue; wherever you go you can be sure they’re there! And if you don´t know where you are going then you will definitely end up on Uranus.

Setebos -Your streets are paved with a Golden Vision and there are golden showers everywhere; your bars are decorated with lasciviousness; there are pretty Fairies all over the place; but sometimes the sky is grey, and we wonder how tomorrow could ever follow today. City of perspiration and inspiration, of expiration and exploitation, of generation and a railway station! Oh Setebos, Mother of Invention and Zapper of negativity, even when it doesn’t pull you through. When the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness comes running through, that is when we see what is owed to Autumn, when the trees do a shimmy of golden-brown leaves falling all around.

Then we know it’s Time to be on our way.

Anyway, on this most auspicious of days, the Sun shines her long-lost rays into this comfortable clearing, dancing from leaf to leaf, roots to branches, catching diaphanous wings of Mayfly’s, who hunt the wilderness for their one day of fame, seeking insectile eroticism before death takes them prematurely to the great Entomologists Display Case in the sky.

A leaf falls silently from the highest branch of a Rowan tree, oscillating left and right as the drag competes with gravity to slow its descent. It caresses the ground like a kiss from a rose, delighting a woodlouse in its humdrum day of decay. A beautiful white rabbit pops into the scene, slowly rubbing shampoo from his eyes; he wasn’t going to worry about being late as this is not the tale of his tail. Soon those stinging eyes perceive a flickering ghostly image, which becomes a shimmer and a glimmer as the light gets dimmer. The rabbit scurries away to a hole in the ground, from which there will eventually emerge a Magnificent Mathematical Yarn – but that’s another story. As the rabbit disappears with his ears, from the twinkling manifestation, appears the delicately roguish Mad Tom of Bedlam; wild silver hair and deep blue eyes trying their best to regain focus.”


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Believe in yourself

Trans Uranic Elements

I am very happy to say I just published my second book on Amazon. So for the next week or so I will be promoting my work – just like I said I would on this blog!!

The story is the second in the series featuring my heroine, Fairy Hanny. She is a tough go-getter, and also stunningly beautiful. A sort of Amazonian with wings! The first book is also available on Amazon, and I am working on the third in this series.

I thought some extracts might amuse people. So here we go.

“Things are not as they should be on Uranus (I´m sure you know the feeling); someone is fiddling with Time; jiggling about with the quantization of wormholes (how many would you like Madam?); disturbing the elasticated fabric of the raggedy arsed eternal soldier as he wends his way through the Political Battles of Carpathian Princes pretending to be Vlad reincarnated. Maybe it was God playing dice with the Universe, though Albert said there was no chance of that happening. Maybe God was spinning a roulette wheel with a few Russians and they were betting on red all the Time. Yet still Wolfgang said no chance my good man.

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

Turn and turn and turn and turn…

Another turn around the wheel!”


Done-For-You Content…

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You are about to learn the secret. This package will teach you how to have faith in yourself to make decisions and take actions with unwavering belief. You’ll learn to silence the inner critic, build self-confidence, and develop unshakable confidence in your ability to succeed.

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Do you have problems making decisions? Do you always doubt yourself? So much so that you sometimes can’t even act? If so, then we have the guide for you. Inevitable is a 29 page (6000 word) guide that teaches people how to believe in themselves, so they can make decisions and take action with unwavering faith.

Provided in the following formats: docx/pdf/pages/txt

Sections Include:

  • Do You Believe In Yourself?
    • What Is Self-Belief?
    • Why Do We Lack Self-Belief?
    • What Happens When We Don’t Believe In Ourselves?
  • A Quick Self-Test
  • The Power Of Self-Belief
  • What If We Believed In Ourselves
    • The Benefits Of Unwavering Belief In Our Decisions
    • The Benefits Of Unwavering Belief In Our Actions
  • Inevitable: Developing Unwavering Belief
  • Conclusion

Discover An Unwavering Belief!

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Discover what happens when you believe in yourself and how this affects your decision-making process and the following actions. We show you how you can develop certainty in your decisions and actions. Certainty means you can enjoy decisions that will inevitably be good, which in turn leads to the right action time and time again.


Trouble Taking Action? 

This my PLR Offer this week.

It’s a big problem that so many people face. If we don’t honestly believe in ourselves, we won’t fully commit to any decision we make. The result… Failure!

Most people doubt themselves too much and so never take action. They’re constantly second-guessing their decisions and so never give themselves a chance.


Do You Believe in Yourself?

This is my PLR offer for this week

To believe in yourself, you need to have confidence in your abilities, and most people would say they have that confidence and so do believe in themselves. However, the reality is often different; their actions often don’t demonstrate that belief.

Here’s an example. 

How often are you required to make a decision and constantly doubt that you made the right decision? 

Making decisions is hard, but it makes things even harder when you doubt yourself!


How To Start Meditating

Final ideas for now on meditation.

Getting started with meditation is a lot easier than you may think. There is not any special equipment you need to buy or classes you should be taking. While buying a book, a guided meditation audio recording or an app for your smartphone are certainly options, you do not even have to do that to get started. I will share everything you need to know to get started meditating right here in this post.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Start by getting comfortable in a spot that is as free of distractions as possible. You want to sit down either on a chair with your feet firmly planted on the ground or sitting cross-legged on the floor. If you sit on the floor, you will be more comfortable if you sit on a cushion. It is important that you can sit in whatever position you choose comfortably and that you are keeping your back straight. Slumping may make you sleepy while you meditate, and bad posture may cause you discomfort after a while.

Photo by Arvind shakya on Pexels.com

Before we start with the actual meditation, let us get back to distractions. In the beginning, you want to cut as many of them out as possible. Choose a quiet spot where no one will interrupt you. Turn off the ringer on your phone, close the blinds if you think it will help to create a calm and soothing space. You will not always have to go through all this trouble to meditate because, after a little practice, you will be able to do the little meditation exercise I am about to share with you anytime, anywhere. But like any new skill, meditating can be a little hard in the beginning. It sounds simple enough, but it is easy to get distracted. That is why it is important to set yourself up for success by cutting out any distractions you can.

Here is how to meditate. Sit down, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. Notice how the air flows in and out of your nose and mouth. Try to think of nothing else. This is the hard part and something that takes practice. Start meditating for a few minutes here and there and increase the time as you move along. Do not judge yourself when your thoughts stray. Keep bringing yourself back to the sensation of the breath anytime you notice that you are thinking of something else.

That is all there is to it. Getting started with meditation is simple, but like any new skill, it takes practice. Be patient with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Stick with it and keep practicing these new meditation skills. You will be glad you did.

Photo by Tina Nord on Pexels.com


Here is what you get with this PLR package.


Do you ever get “gut feelings” that something is right, or isn’t right? If you do, then you have experienced the power of intuition. Did you know that you can actually strengthen your connection to this unique power? Our guide “Incredible Intuition” is a 30 page (+6100 word) ebook that will help you teach your audience how they can tap into the power of intuition.

Provided in the following formats: docx/pdf/pages/txt

Sections Include:

  • Introduction
  • What Is Intuition?
    • The Textbook Definition
    • Our Definition Of Intuition
    • Different Types Of Intuition
      • Clairaudience
      • Clairvoyance
      • Clairsentience
      • Claircognizance
    • A Skeptics Guide To Intuition
    • The Takeaway
  • Your Connection With Intuition
    • Why Do We Lose Touch With Intuition?
    • Signs You Have Lost Touch
    • Signs You Are Intuitive …And Might Not Even Know It
  • A More Intuitive Life
    • What Does It Mean To Live Intuitively?
      • Recognize
      • Listen
      • Act
    • How Can Intuition Help Me?
  • Developing Your Intuition
  • Conclusion

Enhanced eBook

Included is an “enhanced” version of the eBook. This version is more “ready to use” and should save you a ton of time. It has an upgraded layout, formatting and includes images. Provided in the following formats: docx/pdf


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Establishing Strong Meditation Habits

More thoughts about meditating
Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

Creating new habits is not easy and getting into the habit of meditating regularly is no different. Yet taking the time to establish this habit of daily meditation has so many benefits that carry into all aspects of your life. You will feel calmer and more collected. You will be able to concentrate better, show more patience, and live in the moment. Meditation is even good for your health and can help reduce stress. In short, making meditation a habit is a particularly promising idea.

Here are a few tips to help you get there.

Make It Part of Your Routine

It is much easier to create a new habit when you make it part of your daily routine. Therefore, meditating first thing in the morning works so well. Your daily meditation becomes part of what you do to get ready in the morning. Try meditating after you get out of the shower or even before you get out of bed in the morning. Set your alarm to go off 10 minutes earlier and start your day with a short meditation session. Since it is part of an already established routine, it will quickly become a habit.

Stick To the Same Time and Set an Alert

Photo by Stas Knop on Pexels.com

If including your daily meditation practice into an existing routine is not an option, make a new one. It is helpful to stick to the same time each day when establishing a new habit. In the beginning, you may find it difficult to get into the swing of things so set an alert on your phone to remind you to meditate.

Another helpful tip is to commit to this new meditation habit for 30 days. Check them off on a calendar and do what you can not to miss a day. At the end of the 30 days, you will have started to establish the new habit and sticking to it going forward will be much easier.

There’s An App for That

Finally, consider using a meditation app. You can find them in the app store for your favourite mobile device and most of them are free to try. The basic version may be just what you need to start establishing the meditation habit. The apps keep things interesting with new guided meditations for each day and let you track your progress. It will also remind you to meditate with an alert on your phone. Try it and see if using an app helps you establish a strong meditation habit.


Are You Curious About Meditation?

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about meditation, its different practices, and the various health and mental benefits of meditating and for good reason. It has been in the news frequently, there are plenty of books, apps, audio recordings, and classes about meditation out there, and you may have become curious about this ancient technique that is making a comeback in modern times. Let us explore what you can do to learn more about meditation and most importantly, how to try it.

Learning More About Meditation

The internet is a wonderful place to start looking for more information about meditation. It may be how you discovered what you are reading right now. You will find plenty of information about meditation, its long history, the various forms of it, and of course some direction and instructions for getting started. This is not a bad place to start. You will get the basics and enough information to dip your toes in with a simple meditation practice.

You can also find a lot of enjoyable books about meditation. Head on over to Amazon, your local bookstore, or the library and pick up a book or two on meditation. There are also some great apps out there with guided meditations. Search for meditation in your phone’s app store.

How To Start Meditating

Photo by Valeria Ushakova on Pexels.com

You can find some simple guided meditations online, as audio recordings and the likes. Another great option is, of course, the apps I mentioned. They are a reliable source of guided meditation, and the apps will help you increase your meditation time as you go along. They are a great starting point. From there you can explore other options like breathing meditations for example.

One of the simplest forms of meditation is to become aware of your breath. Sit comfortably, calm your mind, and focus all your attention and conscious thought on breathing in and out. It is harder than it sounds and takes a bit of practice, but once you get comfortable with this exercise, it is a form of meditation you can do anytime, anywhere.

I encourage you to investigate meditation and try it. It is a wonderful way to combat stress, improve your quality of life and do something positive for your mental and physical health. Try it and see if meditation is right for you. If you do not particularly enjoy guided meditation, try chanting, transcendental meditation, or breathing meditations. There are so many different traditions and practices out there. If you keep an open mind, I am sure you will find the one that is right for you.


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Using the power of intuition

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Intuition – A Powerful Force…

Daniel Kahneman (Nobel prize-winning psychologist and professor) proposes that we have two kinds of thought processes – fast and slow. If we use reasoning to reach conclusions, that’s slow thinking. Opposite to that is fast thinking, where we instantly reach a decision based on our past experiences – that’s intuition.

We all know that intuition is a powerful force, but most don’t realize that we can easily improve our connection to this power.

Harness The Power

The fact is, there are specific steps you can take to strengthen your intuitive abilities. Our program, “Incredible Intuition,” will teach you how to tap into the power of your gut feelings and make better decisions in every aspect of life. A “direct perception of fact without a reasoning process” is a beautiful way to describe intuition, and your gut feelings, hunches, and inner voice are all part of your intuition.

When you learn about the 4 C’s of intuition, anyone can tap into the power of intuition – even skeptics!

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After going through the program and workbook, you’ll have everything you need to understand intuition and learn how to start living a highly intuitive life today!

Intuition is a powerful tool that if harnessed correctly can bring long-lasting positive change to your life. Are you ready!

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Fly free

Finally, An Easy Way For Kids To Learn About Entrepreneurship And Financial Literacy While Having FUN!

I thought I would throw this one in today. I have been a teacher of Mathematics for much of my working life. It has always frustrated me that I haven’t been able to work on enough real life applications of Maths. I used to teach about salaries and how to work out a monthly paycheck when things like taxes and pension contributions were taken into account. Anyway, most kids were furious when I told them to take 30% to 40% off what they thought they were earning. Maybe this is why governments don’t want this sort of thing taught in schools! Anyway I have this link to Kidpreneurs, some ideas I wish I had known about as a kid. Well I did a paper round, worked in a store on Saturday and picked fruit in the summer holidays… Now read on!

An online “kid-preneurship” program built upon real-world concepts that schools won’t teach!

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  • An online “kid-preneurship” program built upon real-world concepts that schools won’t teach
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What happens when kids get started with Kidpreneurs?

Unfortunately most kids don’t learn these skills in school, and not all kids have an entrepreneur in the family with the time and experience to guide them.

Maybe that’s why you landed right here today!

With the proper, kid-friendly introduction to life skills… children will…

  • Learn to build confidence, take risks and step outside their comfort zone
  • Find it easy to make new friendships and connections
  • Feel relaxed and know exactly what they want to do
  • Be able to easily overcome obstacles and challenges in the way of their goals

Kidpreneurs is an interactive curriculum program that not only expands children’s horizons with entrepreneurship and financial literacy but does it in a fun and engaging way! 

Here’s just a sampling of what children will discover inside the Kidpreneurs experience (So many fun learning experiences!): 

  • 7 Key Traits & Skills of Good Entrepreneurs
  • How Launching a Business Can Develop Adaptability & Cultivate a Good Work Ethic
  • How Creating & Establishing a Business Plan Establishes Accountability
  • Tips for How to Build Their First Website
  • Why Giving Back Matters to Successful Entrepreneurs
  • 14 Helpful Tips to Motivate Them Along Their Journey
  • The 5 Most Important Things They Need to Know to Get Started
  • How to Think Creatively About Their Future and Options for Success
  • Proven Ways to “Greenify” Their Business 

Kidpreneurs Has Already Inspired And Empowered 200,000 Kids Around The World…Who Will Be Next?

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Entrepreneurship equips children with the skills to do amazing things now and nurtures those skills to help them grow into a happy, successful adult.

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In today’s connected world working with maximum concentration and without distractions is increasingly difficult.

Photo by Craig Adderley on Pexels.com

Recently, even more, people are working from home and often having to do this with the added distraction of family being around.

How can you achieve everything you’re capable of with all the distractions?

The solution is to improve your concentration…

With this PLR package you will get;

This bundle includes an audiobook with 10 Mp3 chapters.  These professionally recorded audio files are perfect for creating videos or audio files. Please see below (Article section) for the MP3 titles. Audio books have ballooned into a $1.2 billion industry, up from $480 million in retail sales in 1997. – Wall Street Journal

Ten 400+ word articles that you can post and repurpose any way you want. 

The above articles are also formatted into slideshows.  These slideshows include areas for your branding and can be used in a variety of ways.

Tips Posters. These 20 large images (800px by 1000px) are created by our in-house designer.  Each poster includes a tip related to the content bundle’s topic. These posters can be shared on your website, blog or social networks.

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Difficulty concentrating?

Get this new PLR which includes articles and reports.

Article Titles:

Photo by KoolShooters on Pexels.com
  • Why Is It So Difficult to Concentrate?
  • The Benefits of Improving Your Concentration
  • 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Concentration
  • Boosting Your Concentration While Working
  • How Can I Improve My Concentration While Reading?
  • How Multitasking Hurts Your Concentration
  • How to Improve Concentration When You Work From Home
  • Improve Your Concentration With This One Little Trick
  • 3 Common Distractions We All Deal With
  • 5 Biggest Distractions in Our Lives

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In today’s connected world working with maximum concentration and without distractions is increasingly difficult.

Recently, even more, people are working from home and often having to do this with the added distraction of family being around.

How can you achieve everything you’re capable of with all the distractions?

The solution is to improve your concentration…

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Profitable Social Media Marketing

Welcome to a New Year and some New Ideas. Lately I’ve been looking at improving traffic. There are lots of ways to pay Google or Facebook to get more people looking at your ads. I will soon put up some posts about Facebook Groups. For now let’s look at tracking.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Social media marketing can be a great asset to your business. It can create quick boosts of traffic and get your message in front of your ideal target audience. It can also be a colossal waste of time. How do you make sure your social media strategy is worth your time? You do it with tracking.

Start by tracking yourself. Social media is designed to be addictive. The main job of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and the likes is to keep you on their platform for as long as possible. It’s important that you protect yourself against their efforts to waste your time. And the best way to do that is by tracking what you’re doing on social media. It’s all too easy to convince yourself that you’re busy working on marketing and generating traffic when what you’re actually doing is procrastinating on things that would actually make a difference to your bottom line. And that’s without giving into temptation to watch cute cat videos.

Now that you know why you should track yourself, how do you go about doing it? It’s simple. You start with a plan. For example, you may decide to post three new posts per day and spend ten minutes interacting with your Facebook fans. Put it in writing and keep this paper at your desk. Don’t overthink what the plan should be. Start with what you think might work. You will evaluate and adjust as time goes by. Set a timer, especially in the beginning. Anything outside of the parameters you set for yourself should be considered leisure activity, not work, and most certainly not social media marketing.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Another great option is using automation tools. They allow you to post and share content on a regular basis without having to access the social media sites directly. Instead, you’re crafting your posts inside a different piece of software or website and the content goes out at the time and date you specified. One of the reasons why this can be very effective is because it allows you to batch your social media marketing. You spend an hour one day a week getting everything set up and you’re free to work on other marketing and product creation tasks.

Last but not least, consider outsourcing your social media marketing. Not only does it free you up and save you from the temptation of wasting time on your favourite platform, it gives you real numbers to compare. Are you generating more revenue from social media than you’re paying this person? If not, it may be time to make some adjustments to your current strategy.

Need help with Time Management?


Beyond Google – Pinterest & YouTube Are Search Engines Too

When you think about search engines, Google probably comes to mind first. You may also think of Bing, MSN and maybe Yahoo. But you probably aren’t thinking about two of the biggest search engines out there. YouTube and Pinterest. You may not think of them as such, but at their core, that’s what they are – Search Engines.

Photo by Vlada Karpovich on Pexels.com

What do you do when you’re looking for a tutorial for fixing something around your house or a music video? You go to YouTube and you search. What if you’re looking for inspiration for your daughter’s fifth birthday party? You search for relevant pins and create a Pinterest board based on what you find through those searches. It’s not just you. Everyone uses these sites as search engines. Isn’t it about time you started treating them as such and using them as a source of evergreen traffic?

The question then becomes what to do with that new insight. I’m going to assume that you have a basic understanding of search engine optimization. The idea is to apply the same ideas when you create pins or upload YouTube videos. Create this content with a purpose. Start with a particular key phrase in mind. Use this word or string of words to name your video file or image. Of course you want to also make sure the content applies to the keyword.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

Now that you have your content, it’s time to upload it to YouTube or Pinterest. Use the keyword (or key phrase. I will use the two terms interchangeably) in the title and description on the site. You can also use them in appropriate tags. Of course you want to write the title and description for your visitors first. But if you can work your keywords in, great. And don’t forget to take advantage of channel and board titles and descriptions as well.

From here you can help your new content in several different ways. Your best strategy is to create fresh, optimized content on a regular basis. Encourage engagement via other social media channels. Respond to and encourage comments. All of this will help your videos and pins become more searchable. As your channel and boards grow, so will your audience. Not every video and every pin will rank well and get you lots of exposure in those channels. SEO or YouTube and Pinterest optimization is a big of a gamble. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. That’s okay. Each and every piece of content will help you in the long run and if you add a call to action and link that leads back to your website, you’ll be generating a steady stream of evergreen traffic as well.


SEO Basics For Evergreen Traffic

I’ve written a few articles in the past about SEO. My research has brought me to some new insights in using SEO for traffic. I actually have a PLR book on SEO which I am tidying up to make it available for free. I will keep you updated.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

One of the most important things you can do to improve your traffic in a sustainable way is to work on your SEO or search engine optimization. While there is a lot to say about SEO and some things are always changing, the basics will be enough to get you by.

It all starts with keywords. These are the words and phrases your customers type into their favorite search engine to find what they are looking for. Your goal is to optimize various pages on your website for some of those keywords. Choosing the right ones is your first task. Don’t go for board main terms like “vegetable gardening”. You don’t know what exactly this person is looking for and it will be hard to rank for a general term like this. Instead, your goal is to choose a few good long-tail keywords like “why are my tomato plant leaves curling” for example.

Photo by Brett Jordan on Pexels.com

One of your best sources for these types of phrases is Google. Head on over to google.com and search for something you know your customers are looking for. Then look at the suggested searches at the bottom of that page. Keep trying and keep looking through those suggested searches until you find something that’s a good fit for you and your visitors.

Your next step will be to create a piece of content around this keyword phrase. Use it in the title, the url, and the meta description of your post. Sprinkle the phrase and related phrases throughout your content. Do the same with the names and alt-tags for images you use. Most importantly though, write the content and the alt tag description for your future readers, not for the search engines. In other words, create quality content that earns your audience’s trust. Working in the keyword should always be a secondary concern.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Why? Because no amount of traffic will do you much good if the people who make up that traffic don’t become your customers. Once you have your draft written, it’s time to start thinking about links. You want to link from this post to one or two older articles or blog posts on your site. It’s also a good idea to link out to a trusted source or authority site. Going back to our plant example, you could link to a university article about treating tomato diseases for example.

Take another look at everything you’ve put together. If it looks good, go ahead and hit publish. You are almost done with your basic SEO. There’s one more piece of the equation – incoming links. You want to link from a few older pages on your site to this new content. Then go out and link to it from social media posts. Create a few pins, write a couple of tweets and Facebook posts. Send some social signals to encourage the search engines to index this new content. Then sit back and wait. With a little luck, the traffic will come.


Need More Traffic Now? Do More Of What’s Working Already

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. There are a million and one different ways to get more visitors to your website. There are hundreds of courses and books that teach you about the latest and greatest traffic generation schemes. But none of that does you much good when you need more traffic sooner rather than later and don’t have the time or the funds to experiment.

Instead, I suggest you look at what’s working already and do more of that. Getting a steady stream of traffic from Pinterest? Create five new pins a day to your most popular posts. Ranking for a couple of long-tail keyword phrases? Optimize more pages, or create optimized content for your site. You get the idea. For me it’s likes on my blogs. Then I can redirect some to my sales pages.

Work for it

Yes, it’s deceptively simple and not very sexy, but it works. If you put in the work to analyze what’s working, discover why it’s working, and then are able to replicate it again and again. Let’s talk about how to do that.

Start by looking at your website analytics. For the best data, you want to pull info for at least three months; more if you can and at least a year’s worth if you have a seasonal business. Take a look at your biggest traffic sources and where that traffic leads. Can you see patterns? Make a list of everything that’s working.

With that list in hand, take a look at your best source of traffic. Where is it coming from? How are you getting this traffic? Get out a piece of paper, or open a document on your computer. Start brainstorming at least twenty-five ideas for getting more traffic from this source. Then step away for a little while.

When you come back, look through the list you’ve made. Which of the items on there get you excited? What are you looking forward to working on the most? Start with that idea and get to work implementing it. Make a short list of everything you need to do from start to finish. Maybe that means writing a new article or blog post and then creating several pins for it. Maybe it means working on evergreen social media posts that you can load into a program that shares them to your page. Maybe it means interacting in Facebook groups or finding new ones. No matter what it is, work through each step from start to finish. Then get to work on the next item on your list. Rinse and repeat until you’ve completed each of the twenty-five project ideas.

Don’t forget to look at your traffic stats again in a few weeks. Make note of what’s working. Start doing more of that. Give the rest a little more time. Sometimes even the best laid strategy doesn’t pay off right away. Keep working at it and the traffic will flow.


Auditing and Monetizing Your Most Popular Pages

Are you looking for a quick way to boost your income? Then keep reading. What I’m about to share with you is probably the simplest and most effective strategy for increasing your bottom line. It’s something you should do regularly. Put it on the calendar and make sure it gets done. Then sit back and reap the rewards.

Step one of this strategy is to identify your most popular pages. Don’t disregard pages like your contact page, your about page, and even your 404 error page. Most likely though, your focus should be on content pages. These will be the articles and blog posts on your site where you share your expertise or discuss a particular problem and how what you have to offer can be part of the solution.

There are various reasons why a page becomes popular. You could be ranking highly for a keyword. Or maybe you created content that’s often shared as a resource. Maybe one of your social media posts that link back to a page on your website went viral. Or maybe you have a popular pin of one of your blog posts. It doesn’t matter why these pages attract so much attention – at least not right now. It only matters that you identify them. To do this, run a report in your website analytics program.

Lists work

Got that list? Great. Start pulling up two or three of the most popular pages and take a look at them. Go over each of these pages with a critical eye. The most important thing to look at is your call to action. What do you want a visitor to do after they’re done consuming your content?

Do you want them to sign up for your list? That’s always a smart choice. How easy do you make it for them to do this? The first thing to check is to make sure the opt-in form is working. Next, consider if you’re asking for too much information. Every additional piece of info – even the first name – will reduce your conversion rate. Speaking of which, what else can you do to improve it? Are you split testing different headings, different opt-in forms, and even different lead magnets? If not, make a plan to do so.

Maybe your goal is to engage with your audience via comments. Is that working for you? If not, consider reworking the call to action, or consider if you and your business would be better served if you made your visitors an offer.

If you’re already doing that, great. How is it converting? What could you do to improve this conversion? Step back and really look at the page. How can you make it work harder to earn you money? Try something. See if it works. If it doesn’t, try something else. Make these most popular pages more profitable. Then move on to the next batch of pages from that report you pulled. Rinse and repeat and then circle back in a few months and see if you can do even better.


Do You Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From?

We all need customers

To run a successful business, you need a steady stream of fresh leads. These are the people you will turn into paying customers. That’s the marketing part of the equation. To get those leads, you need traffic. You need to reach out to new people on a regular basis and the most time and cost effective way to do that is by generating traffic – ideally evergreen traffic from a variety of different sources.

If you want to continue to grow your business, you should be working on getting more traffic. A wise person once said that what is measured changes. Before you can start to measure, you need to know where your traffic is coming from.

This information is important for another reason. Not all sources of traffic are created equal. If you’ve run an online business – or any business, really – you want to spend as much time and resources as possible on the ones that result in paying customers. In other words, you want to increase your traffic in a way that increases your bottom line the most.

Photo by Kaique Rocha on Pexels.com Traffic!!!

In order to do that, you need to know what sources of traffic send you the most reliable customers. You want to know who signs up for your list, thus becoming a lead. And you want to know how many of those leads convert into paying customers. You can do that by tracking your traffic, email signups, and purchases.

A great place to start is a free Google analytics account. Make sure you have one set up, and then learn how to use the various reports. Your first stop should be Acquisition / All Traffic / Source/Medium.

Focus on one channel at a time. If you can, track each visitor as he or she moves through your autoresponder program and your shopping cart. This will tell you if it’s worth spending a lot of time interacting in a particular Facebook group, or if the person you’re hiring to create and publish multiple pins per day is worth the money you’re spending on them.

Rinse and repeat for other sources of traffic. Keep an eye on what keywords are converting well for you and create more content around similar ones. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers how they found you. You can even make this an optional entry when someone fills out your order form. Again, the idea is to get as much data as possible so you can analyze it and improve your top traffic sources.

Of course this is just the beginning. Stay tuned for more ideas on making the most of your website visitors.

Phoenix Education

Update and reflections

Looking back, it was 23rd June since I last posted on my blog. I was starting to think that I have just been very lazy and indifferent. The more I have reflected, the more I realise I have just been too busy!!!


Back in June I was just finishing my contract as a Physics teacher in Baku, Azerbaijan. I managed to break my laptop and so was using my school issue for everything. As we came to the end of term the school took away my laptop and I decided to buy a new one when I returned to Blighty – hence no posts.

And there we have it; back ‘home’ for the first time in years. Since 2007 I have taken teaching contracts in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, China, Kazakhstan, Gran Canaria, Morocco and finally Azerbaijan. During that time, I have also visited much of Europe, Thailand, Hong Kong, and America. Moving home meant starting again as I lost so much when I was divorced. So, car, new apartment, register with the authorities, catch up with old friends and family and get to watch Everton. Of course, coming back wasn’t easy. I needed PCR test before leaving Baku. Then 10 days isolation on return, which doesn’t really make sense to me. I had a negative test in Baku and a negative test when I got home, despite passing through airports in Baku, Kyiv, Amsterdam and Manchester (and lost my luggage). However, that is the way it is, so I went with it.

Those first 10 days I spent at my sister’s house, and I treated myself to a new laptop, Dungeons and Dragons, Necromunda and started building models from scratch. I watched lots of online videos including Erics Hobby Workshop and Wylochs Armory. I still refer to those sites for ideas.

Most of the plants have gone!

I was also able to work in my sister’s garden. She bought a house which had been empty for a year and so the garden was a jungle! I loved it! There is something special about cutting back plants and getting your hands deep into the soil. Back to nature I suppose. Once out of isolation I was also asked to help an old friend in her garden too; so, I became a gardener!

Meanwhile I was searching for somewhere to live, and I found a great apartment on the Promenade in Southport, Merseyside. The view is fantastic across the Marine Lake and out to the Irish Sea. I am now looking to buy a place nearby as Southport is such a lovely place to live.

Southport Marine Lake from my window

I decided not to return to full time teaching and so now only work part time as a Maths and Physics tutor. This has allowed me to catch up a lot on reading and writing. So, I am back to motivating myself with ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’, Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ and ‘Think and Grow Rich’. These books make you think about life and help to define ‘rich’ – it doesn’t always mean having lots of money! I have also started a course on Property Investment, and I am building my Thinkific site – any hints happily accepted.

As to writing! I published my first comedy novel 10 years ago and wrote the follow up a year later – I just never got round to finishing it! My plan is to publish ‘Trans-Uranic Elements: The Dark side of Uranus’ before Christmas – someone please hold me to account on this! Then in the New Year I will be working on the third in the series, plus a reflection on my time in Baku, where everything went wrong! I am sure someone cursed me! It was War and Pestilence, Crazy women, theft and hacking of my bank accounts!


Being home means I have time to chase up on previous investments that have not performed properly – I will write about that in a separate post.

Then there was an unexpected twist in life. A friend from Morocco came to UK to visit her sisters and so contacted me too. We met up and things have moved on! Let us say I expect to spend a lot of my future in Morocco.

I have written a lot in the past about Affiliate Marketing and so I am now building on some of those ideas. As a Maths teacher I was always frustrated at not being able to teach Financial Literacy and so I am now an affiliate for Kidpreneurs – check out the link. As my sites grow there will be more of this and again, any feedback is welcome.

So, I thought I was being lazy in not keeping up with my blog. It turns out I was just being busy!

Sunset in Southport


Everyone has their own dreams and goals in life.

But it is evident that most people just keep on dreaming and never try to do something in order to attain those dreams. They just keep on looking back and miss the opportunities as they make the same goals all over again. You need to do something in order to make your goals come true.

Do not wait for other people to encourage you to achieve your goals, but be the one to encourage and show them that you have those objectives. You can make this by the following these pieces of advice.

  • Do your work in efficient ways in order to avoid problems as you go along the way. These problems often spoil the activities that you are have for your goal.
  • Make sure that as you achieve your goal, you will not affect anybody.
  • Whenever unexpected troubles occur, respond to them in a professional, efficient, good manner and in appropriate time.
  • Take with you the learnings that you are having each time for these will help you as you attain your goals in life.

Have time to think about what your goals are. You have plenty of time in resting and entertaining yourself. Try to steal some time from those and meditate on how you can improve yourself more and your way of living.

Think like no one will be there to save you and you should be responsible enough in shaping your future and your life. You have to do something in order to improve your situation and spread effort and time to your achieving process.

Do not ever remain effortless and stagnant if you want to have a change in your life. Dream big and make sure you reach your goals.



Being a goal-oriented individual will help you a lot in achieving the goals that you want in life. This term is a little old fashioned these days, but still relevant. In this series of articles our aim is to know about the main purposes of being a goal-oriented individual and of goal achievement. This may not force you organize yourself in a better way, but will surely help you attain true success and changes in life.

The term goal is defined by a state which you want to achieve together with a difference that you have been aiming for. And in order to achieve such goals, you need to make necessary decisions and take actions. Reaching your goals is significant since undergoing the process will give you useful experiences and learning which should transform you into a better person. Such transformation will open opportunities for improvement which will later lead to success.

In addition to that, one more advantage of being a goal-oriented person, is that you will develop the capability of thinking in longer terms and make more strategic decisions. It is very evident that too many people are looking at life with short terms only, often leading to bigger problems later on. On the other hand, goal-oriented individuals are usually planning long term, and practice doing things as early as their schedules will let them because they believe that time will come and their groundwork gives them advantages.

Not everyone can be flexible enough to be goal-oriented.  It will not be easy for you in the beginning to decide on which goals you are going to set yourself since you will need to take a long planned time frame and make strong efforts to reach them; some people just switch off at this point and carry on lurching from crisis to crisis. While reaching your goals, you will realize that you have been a better individual and have learned many things on the journey, which you can apply all throughout the rest of your life.

Before reaching your desired goals in life, setting them up first will help you have a long term view. It lets you concentrate and focus more on the long term objectives, as it gives you the chance to think on how your present actions will affect your life in the future. The things that you are doing nowadays in order to develop yourself will surely determine who you will be and what kind of life are you going to have in the future.  This is something that you should acquire as you go along with the process of attaining your goals.

Now that you know something about the goal achievement and its big significance in your life, it is the time for you to start planning and improving your life by the skills and power which you will obtain as you go through goal setting and attaining. Start practicing to be a good goal-oriented person.



Photo by Benjamin Suter on Pexels.com

Sometimes, it seems that you are living in a world of fantasy. We often use ‘Entertainment’ in order to fantasize and escape from the happenings in the real world. What is your reason behind this act of fantasizing and the implications in terms of achieving your goals?

The act of fantasizing every now and then can lead to a confused mind which is always in a clash and unruly. Whenever you fantasize something, there can be a great chance that you are going to lust after it. It is a confusion over dreams and goals. Dreams have to become goals if they are to become real.

Living in a world of fantasy will not let you have a chance to see the real world as it is. Fantasy is often driven by your fear and greed. These two factors are the reasons behind the way most people react about life. It is important to know what the causes of such greediness and fear are. If you know your reasons, you will know how to attack that conflict correctly. Fantasizing results in having certain unrealistic expectations. It provides continuity to your occurrences of pain and pleasure. You will realize that something which happens because of fantasizing is not worthy at all.

So stop fantasizing now and start achieving the real goal that you have in this real world for the real satisfaction lying ahead of you.



We all have goals; things we want to achieve, places to visit, people to see, books to write, money in the bank, property for investment, flowers to grow, distance to run, walk or cycle etc. Over the next week or so I will include a series of articles on goals and goal setting, taken from a PLR source I bought some years ago.

Free PLR is available here.


There are already millions of words written about the setting and achieving of your goals, which are practiced by millions of people as well. However, most of the goals created are not fulfilled. Here are some great tips that will help you accomplish your goals.

1) Your goals should be original.

Photo by Vlad Cheu021ban on Pexels.com

This doesn’t mean that such goals need not to be somehow similar or same as the other goals of other individuals. It just means that you should have your own goal, not a second hand one. Many people are practicing to have their goals based from the expectation and hopes of their cultural norms, society, parents and teachers.

Practice setting goals that are originally yours. If it is not just from you, what will it mean? Accomplishing them will not give you the happiness and fulfilment you dream about.

2) Your goals should be inspirational.

Your passion must represent the kind of goals that you have. It should not be any promise or simple wants. It must be something that will drive you to strive harder and be fulfilled as you obtain it.

Passion is that something which pushes you to do whatever it takes to achieve your goals. It keeps you on the track. It strengthens your concentration and motivates you. It is the passion that inspires you and leads you to your desired goal.

3) Your goals should be harmonious in nature.

All your goals must be according to your perspectives and dreams in life. They must not contradict one another. Recognize who and what you are. Base from it the set of activities and goals that you will have.

4) The goals of you must be realistic in nature.

The goals that you will be setting must be accomplishable within a lifetime framework.

Realistic goal doesn’t mean that you must have the usual goal of everybody. There are goals sometimes which seem unachievable for everybody but determined persons were able to do so, such as building a personal computer at home. These goals are attainable and do not let other people set your limitations.

5) Have idealistic goals.

Your goals must be based on your personal ideas, and from who and what you are as of today. They should be based on the different aspects of you; such as the environmental and physical, relationships and emotional, financial and material, ethical and spiritual, and educational and mental aspects.

Set the goals in accordance to your ideals in life.

6) Make your goals specific.

You must have a specific goal in order for you to be able to do the right attack towards it. If you want to be a rich person, define what you mean by rich.

7) Your goals should be flexible.

Several individuals miss the chances of gaining their goals because their concentration with those goals is inflexible and constricted.

8) You must visualize your goals.

Photo by Meruyert Gonullu on Pexels.com

Visualizing your goals in life will help you a lot and will serve as your motivation through the way. Imagining them makes them more realistic and believable. Build a vision board and put words and pictures where you will see them every day.

9) You should affirm your goals.

You must believe in yourself that the goal that you have is attainable and let everyone know about it so they can contribute to your achievement process. Keep it in your mind that if you will not believe in your goal, then you can never have it. Write them down and add them to your vision board.

10) Have a timely set of goals.

It is in time and space where everything exists. Set a specific period of time for the goals to become true.

11) You must have a list of all the goals that you want to achieve.

It has been proven through studies that people who jot down their goals have higher ability of accomplishing their tasks rather than those who only list such goals in their minds. People who don’t have a list of their goals are more likely to withdraw from the achievement process.


Private Label Rights – PLR – get some free!!!

I have a lot of PLR stored on my drive!

Some of it has been there for years and should probably be deleted. However I still find a lot of it to be very useful as a source for my blogs. I take the original and edit, customise, delete and add sections. Sometimes there are links to sites or software that has changed or disappeared. I find it is important to check out all of these links before publishing.

I also have access to a lot of free content – and I am giving away SureFireWealth.com Free One Year Silver Membership.

Due to private label being distributed to multiple customers, and without being exclusive or unique content, some marketers are hesitant on incorporating private label content into their marketing campaigns.

Private Label Content is best used as a “resource” rather than a ‘source”.

This means that you should start revising and improving existing private label content before distributing it under your own brand.

Photo by jasmin chew on Pexels.com

Private Label Right’s content comes in many different formats, including PLR reports, eBooks, articles, graphics, templates, email newsletters and even videos. For my blogs I get reports or eBooks or graphics – often for free. If you want some free content then follow this link.

All PLR will come with a License of some sort.

While licenses differ with each author and seller, the basic premise is that the license permits buyers to re-brand the content under their own name and brand (excluding copyright). In general practice this means that the product can be modified, sold, resold or repurposed in many different formats. In some cases authorship on the original product is allowed and with unrestricted private label, buyers are often able to resell the same rights they’ve acquired although not all private label releases offer or permit license distribution or transfer.

Here is an example of the sort of thing you will see in a License;

[YES] Can edit, take apart, add to, or sell as is 

[YES] Can be offered as a bonus

[YES] Can be used for opt-in bonuses (newsletter signups, etc.)

[YES] Can be added to paid membership sites

[YES] Can claim full authorship

[YES] Can publish as free web content like blog posts, articles, and social media posts

[NO] Can Distribute PSDs in any way.

[NO] Can Sell resell rights

[NO] Can sell master resell rights

[NO] Can sell private label rights 

[YES] Add to free membership sites

Private Label Content comes with different rights depending on the developer so it’s important to thoroughly check each license prior to use, to become familiar with any restrictions that may be in place.

Some possible Advantages to using PLR:

  • Saving time.
  • Saving money, compared to hiring a writer or buying exclusive rights
  • Can be used to generate ideas for blogging or content marketing
  • Can be re-purposed into different types of digital products

Special offer. Today I am giving away one year Free access to Surefire Wealth Silver licence which normally sells for $147/year. Just follow this link.

Let me know what you think.


Covid – wow!

I didn’t realise the longer term effects it could have. I haven’t written or published anything on my blog in the two months since I had it. Always tired and lacking focus. Now is the time to ‘get back in the saddle’.

I still remember the start. Friday 2nd April I went out with some friends – there were five of us in all. We went to a restaurant, then to the rotating bar at the Baku Hilton (I live on the next block), then on to a pub close to me. In the next week 4 of us were diagnosed with Covid, and with me being by far the oldest, I suffered the most.

Where did we contract it? In one of the bars?  Did one of us already have it? How come 4 out of 5? Maybe the 5th person was an asymptomatic carrier?

It doesn’t matter.

Putting it into perspective of other respiratory ailments I’ve had in the past; it was a lot worse than flu but not as bad as pneumonia – that one almost killed me! At the worst point my temperature was up at 42° C and my lovely lady was cooling me with a mix of cold water and vinegar, and I was raving on about something – I don’t really remember this. Then the doctor found I had kidney stones, so for 5 nights a paramedic came to my home and administered a drip to help break the stones down.

Meanwhile my school was still operating online classes. I know that each day I was typing instructions for my classes into Google Classroom, though I didn’t have the energy to go into Zoom lessons. Nobody was tasked with covering my lessons, which led to a complaint from one parent. When I went back onto Zoom in the second week I had to laugh at my own on screen image – totally white face, sunken cheeks and bags under my eyes.

As I recovered it was time for reflection.

I still love teaching but I have had enough of schools. Too much data being recorded and analysed by people who should really be in the classroom teaching! And attitudes have changed. In my early days as a teacher I made mistakes and fought to control classroom behaviour and I could always rely on backup from senior staff. These days when kids misbehave we are just told it’s because we are bad teachers. Meanwhile those dishing out that useless advice sit in quiet offices looking at spreadsheets…

I decided to quit and head home to Liverpool. I stated teaching in September 1981 so forty years has been good!  I’ve taken time out for various reasons over the years (I missed 10 months when I had a horrible motorcycle accident and came close to having my right leg amputated – thank God for the skill of NHS surgeons). I spent a lot of time teaching in the UK though the last 15 years has been spent on contracts in Qatar, Abu Dhabi, China, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Gran Canaria and Morocco. It has been fantastic fun – I just don’t want to do it anymore!

My reflections took me back to reading a couple of classics to help me re-focus my ideas. I am working my way through ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’. When I get back to UK I will get all of my books out of storage and the first one to the top of the pile will be ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’.

When I get back to ‘blighty’ I will work to open a Kumon tuition centre for several evenings a week. This will give me time to focus on something I have dallied with over the years – creative writing. I have the outline for about 9 books in my head, plus a book of poetry and several volumes of reflections on my teaching career, the latest of which has the working title ‘You’re welcome to Baku’! I will work on my blogs including some personal reflections, short stories, extracts from my novels, insights to Online Business and some edited PLR articles.

I have been impressed by the amount of support, follows and likes on my blogs. I hope to continue keeping you informed and entertained over the coming years.


The Benefits of Your Financial Resolution

This is the last part of the current articles on managing your finance. I hope they have been of benefit – if they help just one person I will be very happy! I am still working through the articles on SEO and WordPress – all very technical. I don’t like to share things I don’t really understand!

There are actually lots of benefits from having financial resolutions and seeing these resolutions through. With this, you are establishing a solid foot to make necessary changes in the different aspect of your life – be it physically, emotionally, spiritually, and most of all financially.

Final Words

Financial resolutions serve to be the most important contributing factors to financial success. By establishing, maintaining, and achieving such financial resolutions, you are able to see a world of financial freedom, which you deserve to have.

These days, financial resolutions are usually scorned by those “too cool’ individuals for such an old fashioned idea. But the real power of financial resolutions hasn’t waned. In fact, in today’s generation of constant streams and ever present media and information, financial resolutions are among the most effective means of cutting through the crowd that will enable you to begin a beneficial  and meaningful change in your life.

The benefits are many when it comes to having New Year’s resolutions and being able to achieve all of those. Thus, it is essential that you not only try to write down your financial resolutions but also ensure that you are doing the right steps to achieve what you have set out to do. New Year is another year to begin a new journey – a journey that can take you to the life you have always wished for, a prosperous and financially stable life.

And remember – New Year can start today!!

Be Happy, set goals, love life

Use Affirmations to Stay on Course

Photo by Eva Elijas on Pexels.com

I’ve written other posts about affirmations and keeping on track and following goals. So I have some extra thoughts here. The thoughts you think, the words you say are all affirmations.  All of your inner dialogues or self-talks are streams of affirmations. You are continually affirming unknowingly with your thoughts and words and these flows of affirmations are creating your life experiences every moment.

Your beliefs are learned through different patterns that you have developed ever since childhood, many of them work for you, but other things may be working not so well or against you. They are often dysfunctional and even sabotaging you from achieving your goals. Every affirmation you think and say reflects your beliefs and inner truth. 

Using Affirmations Keeps You on Track

When people hear the words “positive affirmation for success”, the first thing that usually comes to their mind is creating wealth. There is more to it than that, it is more than an attitude, it is a strength coming from within. It is a feeling.

Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pexels.com

Using positive affirmations aimed for success tends to be the habit within you. Everyone wants to have and live a successful life, and the secret to this is to build self confidence in them. Your life may throw you curved balls at times, by ways of trials, hardships, and struggles, but positive affirmations will help you stay on course and even flourish.

Will affirmations help you?

Regardless of what aspects of life you are dealing with, no matter who you really are, affirmations don’t only help you to feel better towards your life and yourself. But if you use them correctly, they can absolutely manifest changes in life –

Changing your thinking,

reprogramming your mind, and

removing negative old beliefs that have sabotaged you all through your life.

Such positive affirmations can definitely helps you to stay on the right path – the path that can lead you to the life that you have always wished for.

Phoenix Education is the key to my success

Get Committed To Your Plan

Ok so we have started to think about personal finance, retirement and planning. It might be worth talking to a Professional Financial Advisor; or it might be worth sitting down with some wealthy people and asking for their advice!

Photo by Polina Zimmerman on Pexels.com

No one can emphasize enough how essential it really is to be committed to your plans, and way beyond this, you should commit yourself to your plans especially your financial plans. Most people spend endless time talking more about their goals and never actually do it.


It is simple. They do not take the necessary steps to move forward and also, they do not commit themselves to their plans.

Commitment is one of the most important factors that contribute to successful financial goals. For you to be able to develop result oriented financial plans, you should be committed.

Commitment – The Key to Successful Financial Goals

Serious financial goals can’t be taken too lightly. Goals like financial freedom, owning your own successful business, and to live a prosperous life are serious goals and need certain committed actions in order to be accomplished. The secret to achieving your financial goals is commitment – something that is very straightforward but not easy to do.

Writing down all your goals is an act as well as demonstration that you are committed. You are saying to the world and to yourself that is what you really want. Well, if you really want to achieve something and if you are prepared to do what it takes to achieve those goals, there is no one and nothing that can easily stop you. That is what you called – commitment.


You plan on achieving something; you have identified your goals, and even working your way to that direction. Now what? Can something stop you? Certainly not!  Why? It’s because you are totally committed to these goals. Yes! It’s your commitment that will decide the outcome.

Rest assured managing your finances requires dedication, vigilance, and commitment. After all, you are a human – from time to time things might slip out of your hand. Not just that, success also requires hard work, discipline, tenacity, perseverance, courage, will, and faith. With these in mind, you will be able to successfully achieve your goals in life.

 As you develop undying commitment to achieving your goals, failures and roadblocks are merely humps and not stop signs. Your goals need to be that great to feed and ignite yourself with meaning and purpose. So, if you are ready to achieve those financial goals, then now is the time to re-establish your commitment and see yourself succeed.

Photo by Vlad Cheu021ban on Pexels.com

Change Your Mindset About Money

Great Book

I hope you have read ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’. It helped me change the way I look at money, Finance, Assets and Debt. If you haven’t read it – get a copy! Buy it or borrow it but make sure you read it!

Most people believe that the most important step to financial freedom or to get rid of debts is to devise a budget plan or cut out the expenses. The next important step should be to invest and save. These are considered the most important steps to have successful financial goals.  However, without essentially changing your mindset about money, it will be hard to attain as well as to maintain such goals. 

The Millionaire’s Mindset

Wondering how successful people think? How can someone develop such a mindset that can help in getting successful financial results? Well, changing your mindset about money can be the best key.

First, you need to completely revitalize and change your thinking.

If your ‘thinking’ and ‘actions’ haven’t gotten you any financial result that you always want, then it’s time for you to make some changes. Deciding to change is very easy, however, to implement this change needs sincere commitment. The economic state has no actually influence to whether you will be able to be financially successful or not.


Provided this fact, there’s no doubt that having a millionaire’s mindset is indeed a choice and decision. You should make firm decisions for you to be the anchor for achieving your financial goals. Most successful people have strong resolve and unwavering commitments of following actions that can lead to accomplishing their financial goals.

In addition to that, you should also learn how to develop a sense of mastery in making your money grow. How can you achieve this? You must make some actions to educate yourself about turning financial resources to continuous investment cycle. Change you mindset, turn you constant spending into constant investing to help increase your finances.

To turn you mind to be a millionaire’s mindset, begin by brainstorming different ways on how to increase the accumulation of your money.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Learning is definitely one of the keys to changing your mindset. Do not be intimidated with learning things that you’re unfamiliar with. This is an integral part of the processes of learning, molding, and changing your mindset about money. The more things you learn, your mind will easily conform to new ideas. Your ethic of hard work can lead you to become a master in growing your money.

If you have few limited beliefs and mindset about money, improving your finances and wealth will never become a priority for you. Precise, true, clear mindset about money will definitely establish a wealth limit much higher. If you really want to achieve financial freedom for you and your family, changing your mindset towards money can be the best decision.

To open your life into abundance that is always there, you should try something new, sure, and surprising.

You know that your money isn’t static, it’s a flow, coming, and even going out. You should improve your thinking, it will eventually free you to receive money in a spectacular way. 

Rise again like the Phoenix and grow your wealth.

Make a Budget/ Track Your Spending

This is my personal favourite. I have always tracked my accounts. I have a stack of old notebooks with monthly expenditure going back many years. More recently I have followed Harv Ekers 6 Jars plan.

It works.

Budgeting and tracking your spending is all about planning your financial present and future. It’s among the most essential steps that you should take for it is a fundamental aspect of your financial planning. Such planning entails establishing or setting specific goals – whether your goals are to pay off your debts or to save enough money. You basically need to fully understand your habits of spending.

The real importance of tracking your habits of spending and budgeting is about living within the limit of your paycheck and sticking with your spending goals.

This can prove to be extremely rewarding, both financially and emotionally.

Make a Budget Plan and Track Your Spending Habits

A good budget plan is created to last all through the years. Yes, you can actually budget for a short term basis to get your way through challenging times, but the most effective budget plans will definitely take you and your family out of big financial trouble and of course, to your financial goals. Budgeting is one of the most essential aspects of planning for your future indeed.

Creating a budget plan is at the core of your financial freedom. If you don’t have such a plan to budget or track your spending, chance is things might get out of control. Once this situation happens, it’s much harder for you to get things back on their track than if you’d followed a budget plan in the first place.

But how one makes a budget? Where can you begin your budgeting process?

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on Pexels.com

Create a list of your income and expenses

The very first step that you should do in making a budget plan is to create a list. First, list your incomes. It’s essential to include all income sources. Even the smallest interest checks should be included as well. These little things definitely add up, and to have a specific picture of the income is very critical.

Next, list all the regular bills.

These may include your mortgage, home and car insurance, water, electric, internet, phone, and other monthly bills. List when these bills are due as well as how much they cost. If it quite fluctuates, write average amounts.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

After listing the regular bills, you must account for other kinds of expenses. This means expenses like gas, groceries, clothes, personal items, haircuts, among others. It’s also essential that you budget your fun things such as movies, eating out, stamp collecting, or any other variables. If you do not budget your money for these things, then you’ll become disillusioned eventually giving up on the budget.

Find Areas That You Can Actually Cut Back A Bit

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Now that you’ve listed your income and expenses. Take the total expenses; subtract this from the total income. The difference will be an amount which you’re under or over budget.

If you’re over the budget, this means that you’re spending way more than what you make. This is not ideal. For most, that overspend may end up on credit cards. Then you’re paying interest and this isn’t actually necessary. You should always avoid using credit cards in order to supplement your income.

Take the amount that’s over; see where you can try to cut back from your budget. Sometimes, this could mean making a hard choice and you may need to give up something. But at the end, the reward could be worth it.

While some think that a budget plan is a constraint, it’s giving you the freedom from worry and stress from finances.


Check into Automatic Savings Plans

We are living through tough times. The global pandemic has affected all businesses; some have thrived, some have crashed and burned. Though remember, the Phoenix always rises from the ashes. Low interest rates make savings in Banks or Building Societies unattractive. Maybe time to seek advice on other types of investment and savings plans.

The benefits of saving money are many. You do not have to be equipped with an Economics degree to understand about this concept. It has long been around from the time when money was printed. Saving money, especially in case of economic struggles is extremely important. However, it can actually be one of the most challenging tasks. You can never know for sure if you are going to be a victim of potential layoff, or getting cut for hours at work. Having enough savings that can help you and your family survive troubling times is indeed one of the smartest moves you can take.

Automatic Savings Plans – One of the Best Plans Ever

If you are looking for an effective means of saving, well an automatic savings plan can be the best options. But what is it exactly? It’s a type of savings system in which you automatically deposit fixed amount of money and at specific intervals to your investment account.

Put your money in 6 jars

Most people save money just as an afterthought. When you receive your income, the money is being allocated to mortgage or rent, bills, daily expenses, groceries, among others. The only chance you will be adding money into your savings is only when there’s money left. Unfortunately, often there is never any amount of money left to save. At this point I will again recommend Harv Ekers ‘6Jars’ as a way of controlling your finances.

Thanks to the modern technology, it is now easy to start up your own automatic savings plan. If you actually have a direct deposit via you employer, you will discover one easy way of establishing this is for you to have parts of your income or paycheck straightly directed to a savings account. It does not matter if you are able to save 10 dollars of 500 dollars, simple being able to save money automatically will guarantee you that part of your paycheck is being saved every time you’re being paid.

Automatic savings plans have other advantages than the convenience and benefits of not having to deposit money manually to your account every month. Well, this kind of savings system makes it more convenient and easier for you to establish a strict personal budget, since it’s more difficult to dip into the savings or overspend once the money is automatically deducted from your paycheck. This system also aid investors to continue saving money into their portfolios. So, what now? Is it beneficial to have your own automatic savings plan?

If you have successfully saved money, you are rest assured that you will be able to surpass most challenging times, enabling you and your family to have a better life. Many people argue that to have a nest egg isn’t the only means that you have to take. They believe that they also have to invest the money to something. However, saving money proves to be a very smart and effective investment alone. Instead of using the money, you’re saving them for later purposes. Investing on something may only risk your money but if you take it for savings, you have the money in any case.

Stay Happy and Focused

Work on a Retirement Account Little by Little

I don’t think I will ever retire. I might stop working in a school in an official sense. I can see part-time work and other online work taking up my time. But not the sit at home and sometimes play golf kind of retirement. I tried that in 2012 and ran out of money very quickly!!!

Photo by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.com

Nowadays, people have actually become more money wise and start planning on for their retirement after they get a job. That is the very reason why most people are always on the lookout for the most effective options available when it comes to retirement benefits. There are lots of contracts that are recognized by governments offering great benefits to working people, most specifically when they leave their company.

Getting prepared to plan a life after retirement does not mean that you need to stay at home tending for the garden and read books all the time. Yes, you can actually sit and relax at home, but just so you know you can easily earn enough money too as you do just that. Retirement doesn’t mean that you’re incapacitated, incapable of doing work anymore; it is only that you need to formally and professionally leave your company that you’ve been doing business with or working for.

Steps to Take for Planning Your Retirement

Invest and Start Early:

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

If you’re like most people, planning on your retirement must start on your very first job. You have to basically take advantage of the most essential steps of financial planning that anyone can make: invest carefully on a retirement account. Most employers will provide a percentage, and the best thing to do for you to ensure a comfortable and satisfying retirement is to invest on your retirement as early as possible.

This isn’t the only effective way of saving money for your retirement, but it’s most certainly is among the most lucrative and easiest steps that you can take to have your long awaited comfortable retirement.

Living and Lifestyle Arrangements:

Next, you should look at your current lifestyle and consider the lifestyle you intend to have after your retirement. If you want to travel frequently, budget accordingly. Do you plan on moving closer to a family upon retirement? Consider the different factors and elements which are important for you –  it is wise to choose only two to three situations that you want to achieve and indulge with after retirement. While everyone will experience major challenges, it is still good to have the perspectives.

Identify What You Really Need:

Photo by Riccardo Bresciani on Pexels.com

For financial advice, this is among the cornerstones. Knowing the different resources that you actually need upon retiring is the fundamental key to having a successful and comfortable retirement. Set specific saving goals. Think ahead, instead of thinking short term. Remember, you can’t save enough money for your retirement if you don’t know exactly how much you need.

Savings Review and Annual Portfolio:

At every year end, it is critical that you review your pension plan, savings, and other types of investments you have created for your retirement. With the help of a reliable personal banker, accountant, or financial advisor, see if you’re able to successfully invest anymore to your retirement. By doing so, you are maximizing retirement allotment.

Planning ahead and very carefully for retirement does not have to be time consuming or costly, but the possible dividends can prove to be substantial in the end. An accurate, solid plan begins with specific financial goals, short term or long term, and learning what it actually takes in order to achieve those goals. Reviewing your retirement account and your plan yearly will keep you updated on how you’re doing on your goals.

A note of caution – “Life is what happens while you’re making plans” John Lennon

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Make Paying Off Debt a Priority

Photo by Valeria Ushakova on Pexels.com

Too many of us have been in this position. I remember going through divorce with legal bills, living off credit cards, finding rent deposits, borrowing from friends and family. It was a tough time and I got through it. When you are in the middle of that storm it seems it will never end.

It does.

Have faith and ask for advice. People will help when they can. If anyone starts to blame you for your financial woes just walk away from them; they are not friends they are ghouls who feast on misfortune.

So let’s think – Getting out of debts when you actually have large amount of outstanding balance creeping up can be overwhelming. Such large debts, wondering how you’re going to get rid of it, can lead to great stress. Trying to pay your debts and never accrue additional amount can be more stressful and inconvenient for most people. This is why it is basically essential to make paying off debts your main priority.

Realizing the real importance of paying for all your debts first should always be your priority. This realization will definitely lead you and offer you the opportunity to make your dreams of being financially stable and debt free becomes a reality. Your main goal should be to have your finances under full control, not the other way around. Once you’ve taken the right step of making your finances your priority, you’ll become more aware about how much you’re spending every month and how much you’re able to save.

Pay Off Your Debts and Live a Debt Free Life

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

Everyone wants to live a debt free life, but the question is how? In the current economy situation nowadays, it’s extremely difficult to live a life full of debts and at the same time manage a family’s expense. So, you need to take action immediately in order to pay off your debts. The most effective way for you to live a life free of debts is to create a good budget plan. Follow this plan accordingly and clear your balances.

If you want to know how to devise a plan, here’s how:

Know all your debts:

This is the first important take to take towards creating the plan. You should definitely identify your current debt situation in order for you to be debts free soon enough. Carefully, go through your loans, credit card statement, and other debt statements that you may have. Calculate these amounts that you owe on different loans, cards, etc. and know the exact full amount you need to repay. Though you may be surprised with the total, however, the idea is for you to discover how much you owe exactly so that you’ll be able to make some arrangements accordingly.


Once you’ve totaled the amount you need to pay off, you have to prioritize payments. Consider which debts you will need to pay off immediately, and which debts can be paid later. The best step to make if you actually have lots of debts is to select those with higher interest rates. With this, paying off smaller debts will be easier for you. Some people, however, think the exact opposite. They tend to prioritize smaller debts and leave the bigger ones behind.

Devise a plan:

After establishing the priority list, it’s time for you to devise an effective plan. A payment plan will be able to help you pay off those priority loans much easily. So, try putting all extra money for loan payments. If possible, you can even make double payment in order to lessen the amount of repayment. In terms of the smaller debts, you can always make minimum payment until you’re able to pay them all. One of the plans for personal finance which I really like comes from T.Harv Eker. He calls it the ‘six jars’ and it is great – I have taught lot’s of people this method.

Automatic repayment:

For you to keep a debt free life, you can always consider automatic repayment system. One of the best ways to make a timely repayment of debts is to create automatic repayment of debts from your own bank account. This can actually save you lots of time, and can also assure you that all payments are paid on time.

Some of this may seem unrealistic. It is always best to have a goal to work towards rather than flounder in a sea of hopelessness. Find out about Good Debt and Bad Debt – see Robert Kiyosaki’s definition.

Keep smiling.

Rise again like the Phoenix.