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I follow Randy on his blogs and podcasts. He has a lot to say about mindset and prosperity, something we should all be interested in. Every week I get an email he calls “Friday Filosophy”. I felt I wanted to share this one as many people are in denial about so many things – have you read the Conspiracy Theories about the Global Pandemic?

From Randy –“Here’s my weekly dispatch to you, exploring a subject that I’m thinking about – that you may want to think about as well. And what I’m thinking right now is denial. 

More specifically, the ability of humans to stay in denial no matter how formidable the contrary evidence is.  They can deny they’re an addict, deny their sexuality, even deny science, evidence and facts when those things disprove something they desperately want to believe. 

We’re all pros at justifying, validating, and pandering to our biases.  We see things through filters and sometimes we so desperately want to believe something, that we let the filters deceive us.  Question for you…

What is the one thing that you’re certain you have come out of denial on, and now view in true perspective?

Really think this through, because if you’re like most people, that’s the area you’re still in denial on.  

That’s what I’m thinking about.  Hit me up on Twitter and let me know what’s on your mind.

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