Why We Need Inspiration in Our Lives

Most of us are going through tough times.

Job losses, furlough, travel restrictions, not seeing family, stuck in the wrong country, salary cuts – well most of that has hit me. From Christmas until September I was in Morocco, facing difficulty travelling back to UK due to flight restrictions and Covid testing regime. Then I moved to a new job in Azerbaijan just as a war began with neighbouring Armenia. SO we have had a 9pm curfew for the last 6 weeks. Fortunately, the war is over; now we just have Corona virus to deal with…

Keeping positive and maintaining this blog has been difficult. I bought a franchise for an online site way back in January, called daysoutinleeds.com , a site for advertising bars, pubs, restaurants, hotels and places of entertainment, the exact places that have been shut down! It was meant to be a passive income stream. I know it will eventually take off and make money, though for now it is just ticking over.

I did a little research about INSPIRATION as we all need some just now. A couple of articles should help.

Inspiration cannot be measured or quantified. You cannot report to your boss that you had this much inspiration today and therefore have accomplished so much.

In today’s world, people often consider that which can be measured is more important or more valuable.

But without inspiration, there’s nothing to measure because we produce nothing.

Inspiration is what creates, and all that is measured springs from this nebulous concept.

There are three parts to inspiration, according to psychologists Todd Thrash and Andrew Elliot.


Inspiration is created spontaneously and without intent. The word inspiration means “divine breath.” Inspiration is not a part of our baser, more primal brains; it serves no purpose for basic survival.


This part comes in moments of clarity and with the awareness of new possibilities. Inspiration is indeed the mark of higher consciousness in us. Inspiration comes from a place of beauty and clarity.

Approach Motivation.

It’s a fancy way of saying that the person with the inspiration seeks to communicate that vision. Either by talking about it, creating the vision in real life or letting others share in the vision.

Published by Phoenix

I have been a teacher all my life. That doesn't just mean in School! I taught my brothers to ride bikes and go camping in the mountains. I taught Football, Cricket, Squash, Sailing, Climbing and Karate. In BNI I became the Education Coordinator. With my Property Business I laid on Investment Seminars. I taught my sons to Fish for Carp. And I still teach Maths and Physics to students who want to go to University to study Medicine or Engineering. Now I am teaching people the things I am learning online.

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