Covid – wow!

I didn’t realise the longer term effects it could have. I haven’t written or published anything on my blog in the two months since I had it. Always tired and lacking focus. Now is the time to ‘get back in the saddle’. I still remember the start. Friday 2nd April I went out with someContinue reading “Covid – wow!”

How to feel better – instantly

Stand up tall with your hands raised in celebration. Just like this picture of Usain Bolt… Try it for yourself right now. Stand up and put your arms in the air for 20 or 30 seconds… Now, how do you feel? If you haven’t done it yet then please stand up and thrust your armsContinue reading “How to feel better – instantly”

Categories of Life and How to Succeed – Prosperity

Have you ever looked at somebody and wondered to yourself how they did it? Lots of people feel the same way about others who are successful. We tend to look at others and think they are lucky or they get all the breaks or their husband/wife/parent made it happen or they come from money. WhenContinue reading “Categories of Life and How to Succeed – Prosperity”