Characteristics: Optimist vs Pessimist

The pessimist might say, “How dreary, it’s raining,” while the optimist might say, “Thank goodness for this rain; the plants and flowers need it.” Here are a few of the differences between an optimist and a pessimist: Optimist Traits Sees a problem as a challenge Has a “can-do” attitude Laughs and smiles frequently Has aContinue reading “Characteristics: Optimist vs Pessimist”

Can a Pessimist become an Optimist?

While some individuals are born with sunny dispositions, others are more prone to negative outlooks. Many factors come into play: Childhood experiences Temperament Environment Economic status Genetic predisposition While these are all valid reasons as to why one person might be more positive and optimistic than another, there is one factor which may have theContinue reading “Can a Pessimist become an Optimist?”