Auditing and Monetizing Your Most Popular Pages

Are you looking for a quick way to boost your income? Then keep reading. What I’m about to share with you is probably the simplest and most effective strategy for increasing your bottom line. It’s something you should do regularly. Put it on the calendar and make sure it gets done. Then sit back andContinue reading “Auditing and Monetizing Your Most Popular Pages”

Do You Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From?

To run a successful business, you need a steady stream of fresh leads. These are the people you will turn into paying customers. That’s the marketing part of the equation. To get those leads, you need traffic. You need to reach out to new people on a regular basis and the most time and costContinue reading “Do You Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From?”

Private Label Rights – PLR – get some free!!!

I have a lot of PLR stored on my drive! Some of it has been there for years and should probably be deleted. However I still find a lot of it to be very useful as a source for my blogs. I take the original and edit, customise, delete and add sections. Sometimes there areContinue reading “Private Label Rights – PLR – get some free!!!”

Improve your time management

This video course was designed to help improve your time management skills with helpful easy-to-follow tools and techniques. It is one I keep going back to in order to remind myself of how I can become more efficient. Have you ever heard the phrase “time is money”? It’s true—time is a valuable commodity that, onceContinue reading “Improve your time management”

About Putting Your Blog To Work

I have two blogs currently. Phoenix Education is my way of sharing the things I am learning on my Journey toward making a living on the Internet. I also have as an outlet for my Creative writing, most of which could be described as Comedy in the tradition of Slapstick and Absurd. This articleContinue reading “About Putting Your Blog To Work”

How Optimism Impacts Your Relationships

There are several benefits to leading a life of optimism. Research shows those with more optimism bounce back more quickly when getting sick, are more resilient in life in general, sleep better and even live longer. While this is wonderful news for us as individuals, how does optimism impact our relationships? How Does Your OptimismContinue reading “How Optimism Impacts Your Relationships”

Can a Pessimist become an Optimist?

While some individuals are born with sunny dispositions, others are more prone to negative outlooks. Many factors come into play: Childhood experiences Temperament Environment Economic status Genetic predisposition While these are all valid reasons as to why one person might be more positive and optimistic than another, there is one factor which may have theContinue reading “Can a Pessimist become an Optimist?”

Simple Ways to Overcome your Fear of Taking Massive Action

Do not fault yourself for being afraid of taking that big step–the massive action that needs to happen to realize your dream! It is a natural response to moving out of your comfort zone. And while you should not rebuke yourself for feeling fearful, neither should you wallow in it so that you never getContinue reading “Simple Ways to Overcome your Fear of Taking Massive Action”

The Issues Behind Not Being Organised

Simple tasks like setting goals, making lists, creating processes that optimise productivity is almost a chore as the individual’s disorganised state will effectively cause the overwhelming feeling of being totally lost. When this happens the likelihood of giving up any endeavour before it is completed becomes a norm, thus contributing to an extremely negative habitContinue reading “The Issues Behind Not Being Organised”