The Tipping Point For Prosperity

When I worked in Direct Sales – you know that bit where you get on the phone and make calls and visits – I came across Randy GageDirect Selling Success: From Amway to Zombies“. Since then I have followed his Youtube channel called Prosperity TV and read some of the Prosperity Series of Books.

Anyway, since then I have followed Randy on his blog and emails. He has started a regular post called ‘Friday Filosophy’. I get this every week and have a good 5 to 10 minutes thinking about his latest idea. This week his message tied in quite nicely with the recent posts about Optimism. I decided to share most of it with you – you can sign up yourself from his website.

These are Randy’s thoughts for Friday 25th September

“This is my weekly missive to you, exploring a subject that I’m thinking about – and I suggest you think about as well.  And what I’m thinking about is…the mental tipping point for prosperity. 

There really is a tipping point, because prosperity is always created in the mind first.  Prosperity is not having money and material things, it’s a state of consciousness.  Poverty is not the absence of money and material things, it’s also a state of consciousness.  People with positive thoughts and prosperity consciousness manifest abundance in their lives.  And people with negative thoughts and poverty consciousness struggle to achieve abundance in their lives.  Which leads to the relevant question in the issue…

What do you do, when you realize that most of your thoughts are negative?

First, you have to start catching them.  Meaning you notice when you have a lack-centered or fear-based thought.  This is much harder than it sounds.  Because you’ve been conditioned to think you are your thoughts, as opposed to the thinker of your thoughts.  (Which I’ve discussed often on my blog.) 

When you catch a bad thought, you have to stop and reposition it.  Example: You’re single and notice someone you’re attracted to at a party.  Your first thought is about being rejected.  You notice that and speak to yourself mentally.  “Isn’t that interesting?  I was thinking about meeting that person, and my first thought was rejection.  Where did that come from?  Aren’t I just making that up?  Why am I not thinking that they would be delighted to meet me?” 

They still could reject you. But even if they do, you would have started the change in your thought process.  Every time you do this, the negative thoughts lose some of their power over you – because they can no longer influence your behavior subconsciously.  They can still affect you, even give you fear.  But you know they are giving you fear, and that makes a difference.  And each time you make an incremental change, it takes you closer to the breakthrough point.

Here’s what else happens…

Every time you notice a negative thought, it becomes categorized and labeled in your mind, and you will usually notice that same thought the next time.  Each time it gets weaker in its pull over you.  You start to notice other negative thoughts, and over time you notice more and more negative thoughts, but now you reframe them.  Each time this happens, you inch a little closer to the positive side of the equation.  Then one day you wake up, and you’re having 51 percent of positive thoughts, and you’ve crossed the tipping point.

Of course, you still have negative thoughts sometimes.  We all do.  But thoughts feed on like thoughts.  Once you are at the 51 percent threshold, you have a slight majority of positive thoughts to feed on.  So soon it is 53 percent.  Then 57.  And it keeps going from there. But most importantly, you have made the jump from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness – and the results you manifest will improve right along with the percentage of positive thoughts. “

What do you think?

If you look into Randy’s life  you will find he went through some really hard times – drugs, alcohol, violence – and yet still became prosperous.

He is a great teacher from experience.

Could you learn from this?

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