Auditing and Monetizing Your Most Popular Pages

Are you looking for a quick way to boost your income? Then keep reading. What I’m about to share with you is probably the simplest and most effective strategy for increasing your bottom line. It’s something you should do regularly. Put it on the calendar and make sure it gets done. Then sit back andContinue reading “Auditing and Monetizing Your Most Popular Pages”

Do You Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From?

To run a successful business, you need a steady stream of fresh leads. These are the people you will turn into paying customers. That’s the marketing part of the equation. To get those leads, you need traffic. You need to reach out to new people on a regular basis and the most time and costContinue reading “Do You Know Where Your Traffic Is Coming From?”

Financial Resolutions Basics

I thought I would take a break from SEO for a while as I am carrying out a lot more research. I just spent some time over the weekend reading about optimising WordPress for SEO. Wow it got really techie! So I am saving those posts until I have a better understanding of plugins etc.Continue reading “Financial Resolutions Basics”

SEO – what else can I learn?

Final Words The SEO ranking will definitely be adversely affected if the material posted is not updated or changed altogether periodically. Additionally the fresh content will play a major role in the keeping the repeat visits more frequent, as interested subscribers want access to the latest posting on the site. Learn everything you can andContinue reading “SEO – what else can I learn?”

Use Social Media and Technology to improve SEO

Any tool that is going to gain the attention of the SEO to ensure optimum ranking will always be welcomed. The use of social media and technology is no exception and the need to explore these further is evident for the benefits it can bring. The Tools A lot of web traffic generated is basicallyContinue reading “Use Social Media and Technology to improve SEO”

Fresh content for SEO

Make Sure You Have Fresh Content Good and relevant content that is ever changing to adopt to the current needs of the viewing public is very important to your site staying competitive. When I started my first blog at FairyHanny I thought I had to produce fresh content every day i.e. I had to createContinue reading “Fresh content for SEO”

Using Image Descriptions – I often forget this one!

Using images will definitely contribute positively to the traffic movement towards your site. Therefore it would be prudent to have some knowledge on how this works and its positive contributing factors that facilitate traffic. Description – make your pics stand out Adding descriptions to any image uploaded would provide the platform for the SEO optimizationContinue reading “Using Image Descriptions – I often forget this one!”

Improving SEO – Know What to Avoid

Driving traffic to a site can be very difficult if the SEO is not working! Therefore it is important to consider the elements that work against creating optimum SEO ranking. Stay Away From This The following are some tips on what to avoid: • The use of wrong keywords will definitely contribute to the failureContinue reading “Improving SEO – Know What to Avoid”

Improve SEO – Make Search Friendly URLs

Creating search friendly URLs are important to ensuring the right viewers are directed to a particular site for the information they are seeking. Facilitating this in the simplest way without too many complicated processes is important. Therefore ensuring the URLs are designed to be user friendly is important. URL’s Friendly URLs can be the bestContinue reading “Improve SEO – Make Search Friendly URLs”

Something I need to do – Create a Site Map

Another tip for improving SEO. Gaining popularity as a method of convenient navigation through a website, the site map basically facilitates the list of links to HTML files in the web platform. There is a visual source safe that includes the creation of site map commands on the web menu to simplify the site mapContinue reading “Something I need to do – Create a Site Map”