Get Committed To Your Plan

Ok so we have started to think about personal finance, retirement and planning. It might be worth talking to a Professional Financial Advisor; or it might be worth sitting down with some wealthy people and asking for their advice! No one can emphasize enough how essential it really is to be committed to your plans,Continue reading “Get Committed To Your Plan”

Make a Budget/ Track Your Spending

This is my personal favourite. I have always tracked my accounts. I have a stack of old notebooks with monthly expenditure going back many years. More recently I have followed Harv Ekers 6 Jars plan. It works. Budgeting and tracking your spending is all about planning your financial present and future. It’s among the mostContinue reading “Make a Budget/ Track Your Spending”

Work on a Retirement Account Little by Little

I don’t think I will ever retire. I might stop working in a school in an official sense. I can see part-time work and other online work taking up my time. But not the sit at home and sometimes play golf kind of retirement. I tried that in 2012 and ran out of money veryContinue reading “Work on a Retirement Account Little by Little”

Momentum – How to Incorporate it into Your Daily Life

So we have talked about Categories in Life and how to succeed, and Goal setting and sticking with them. Once you’ve got these skills, habits and mindsets in order, it’s time to keep up the momentum. The biggest mistake, when it comes to momentum, is that people start too big and fall short. Allow enthusiasmContinue reading “Momentum – How to Incorporate it into Your Daily Life”

The Issues Behind Not Being Organised

Simple tasks like setting goals, making lists, creating processes that optimise productivity is almost a chore as the individual’s disorganised state will effectively cause the overwhelming feeling of being totally lost. When this happens the likelihood of giving up any endeavour before it is completed becomes a norm, thus contributing to an extremely negative habitContinue reading “The Issues Behind Not Being Organised”