Using Image Descriptions – I often forget this one!

Using images will definitely contribute positively to the traffic movement towards your site. Therefore it would be prudent to have some knowledge on how this works and its positive contributing factors that facilitate traffic. Description – make your pics stand out Adding descriptions to any image uploaded would provide the platform for the SEO optimizationContinue reading “Using Image Descriptions – I often forget this one!”

Improving SEO – Know What to Avoid

Driving traffic to a site can be very difficult if the SEO is not working! Therefore it is important to consider the elements that work against creating optimum SEO ranking. Stay Away From This The following are some tips on what to avoid: • The use of wrong keywords will definitely contribute to the failureContinue reading “Improving SEO – Know What to Avoid”

Break Your List Down Into Smaller Pieces

Each goal should have many sub goals which are easier to handle and produce faster results. These may unfold through the help of several contributing parties, each taking on a smaller part of the task to speed up the completion process. Having a calendar drawn up to display the entire list of smaller tasks thatContinue reading “Break Your List Down Into Smaller Pieces”