Meditating Your Way To A Happier You

Stress is such a buzz kill. Nothing will bring you down quicker than feeling stressed out. It keeps you from sleeping well, staying productive, and getting in a good mood. It only makes sense than that reducing stress increases happiness. One of the best ways to bring your stress levels down and increase your joyContinue reading “Meditating Your Way To A Happier You”

Meditate to help you focus

Try many different forms of meditation until you find the right one. Meditate at night so you reset your subconscious brain. Let the meditation play as you fall asleep. Your subconscious will pick it up. Too many people try to meditate in the morning, but their busy bee minds are already on the go andContinue reading “Meditate to help you focus”

Declutter your mind!

Clutter – a collection of things lying about in an untidy state. No matter how neat and tidy you naturally are, it’s all too easy for clutter to pile up in your home. There’s mail, books, school supplies, tax forms, and so many other odds and ends — plus, the items you use all theContinue reading “Declutter your mind!”