Categories of Life and how to succeed – Money

Money has got to be one of the biggest blocks there is. Money has so much power to control us if we let it. Here are a few action steps to take around having success in the area of finances: What’s your story? We all have stories around money. It’s your job to uncover yourContinue reading “Categories of Life and how to succeed – Money”

Categories of life and how to succeed – Relationships

When it comes to thinking and aiming big, you want to have success in all areas of your life. Success is not related to only money and career. Success in relationships equates to thinking and aiming big in all areas of your life. In order to have big success in relationships, you need to thinkContinue reading “Categories of life and how to succeed – Relationships”

Categories of Life and How to Succeed – Career

Career goals may be a little easier to achieve than personal goals. When it comes to personal goals, you get up inside your head and you think or feel too much. It’s easier to set career goals and detach from them in a colder more logical way of thinking. Examine and explore which area ofContinue reading “Categories of Life and How to Succeed – Career”

Categories of Life and How to Succeed – Personal

We all have so much going on in life. There’s work, career, school, home and family. The list goes on and on. It’s so easy to lose sight of what our personal goals are. We might want to finish a degree, complete a certificate, write a book or just learn a hobby or skill. WeContinue reading “Categories of Life and How to Succeed – Personal”

About Putting Your Blog To Work

I have two blogs currently. Phoenix Education is my way of sharing the things I am learning on my Journey toward making a living on the Internet. I also have as an outlet for my Creative writing, most of which could be described as Comedy in the tradition of Slapstick and Absurd. This articleContinue reading “About Putting Your Blog To Work”

The Power of Positive thought

Consider this scenario: You’re preparing for an important presentation. It’s not going very well and you start to think you’re going to mess it up completely. Every small mistake you make reinforces this idea, up to the point where it’s all you can think about. What this example demonstrates is the power – and dangerContinue reading “The Power of Positive thought”

More Inspirational thoughts

I hope the previous article had you thinking more about the things that have inspired you. I remember being at High School and learning about Marco Polo and his trips to China and the Romanticism of the Silk Route from China to Europe. So far I have lived in Chengdu, Almaty and Baku, all citiesContinue reading “More Inspirational thoughts”

Why We Need Inspiration in Our Lives

Most of us are going through tough times. Job losses, furlough, travel restrictions, not seeing family, stuck in the wrong country, salary cuts – well most of that has hit me. From Christmas until September I was in Morocco, facing difficulty travelling back to UK due to flight restrictions and Covid testing regime. Then IContinue reading “Why We Need Inspiration in Our Lives”

The Tipping Point For Prosperity

When I worked in Direct Sales – you know that bit where you get on the phone and make calls and visits – I came across Randy Gage “Direct Selling Success: From Amway to Zombies“. Since then I have followed his Youtube channel called Prosperity TV and read some of the Prosperity Series of Books.Continue reading “The Tipping Point For Prosperity”

Improve Your Physical Health by Being Optimistic

Being optimistic, of course, has mindset benefits, and did you know there are physical health benefits to being more optimistic? When you think of being optimistic, do you believe that some people are naturally born with it and others simply aren’t that lucky? The good news is that while, yes, some were born with aContinue reading “Improve Your Physical Health by Being Optimistic”